SMARTrenew partners form new hydrogen working group

The Oulu University of Applied Sciences’ SMARTrenew project team has set up a new hydrogen working group to identify future competence needs for the transition to the hydrogen economy in Northern Finland. After identifying the needs, the working group aims to build a road map on how to meet the need for new education competence.

Currently the working group is collaborating with “ELVIS - Lifelong learning for energy, HVAC and power industries” project (Saku Leskelä), the HEATER cluster project (Antti Kemppainen) and with Northern Proptech Ecosystem (Sanna Rousu). Project and communications collaboration will be widely utilized throughout the lifespan of the working group to maximise  outcomes through wide ranging knowledge transfer and dissemination.

The first meeting of the new hydrogen working group took place at Oamk Linnanmaa campus on 13th October 2021 with Sanna Hiltunen (SMARTrenew), Heidi Takalo (Oamk RDI), Jukka Ylikunnari (SMARTrenew), Veli.Matti Mäkelä (SMARTrenew), Antti Kemppainen (HEATER) and online particpation from Saku Leskelä (ELVIS) and Lauri Pelkonen (SMARTRenew).