About the SMARTrenew Project

SMARTrenew is a project which spans across 6 areas within the Northern Periphery and Arctic region, wherein there is varying levels of renewable maturity and diverse climatic environments. There are 8 organisations involved in this project including academic, research, local authority, SME and National Energy Organisations, with complementary experience, knowledge and competence in renewable energy sources and storage solutions.

The primary aim of SMARTrenew is to utilise the cooperation of each partnership involved between higher and lower levels of energy maturity to increase the awareness and implementation of smarter renewable energy sources and energy storage solutions. Key to the project sustainability and growth beyond the project duration will be promotion of stakeholder ownership in these innovations including enhancing local and national policy-makers capacity to effect change.

The projects main results will be identified as:

• Greater awareness in communities and local authorities.

• Renewable energy implementations that will show that local energy poverty can be decreased, and energy security increased.

The objectives of SMARTrenew are as follows:

• Deliver transnational sharing of knowledge and technical know-how of renewable systems across northern periphery territories.

• Expand the renewable energy mix available to residential and public buildings in dispersed and remote communities of the northern periphery area.

• Integrate smart management of energy and heat storage for renewable systems in dispersed communities.