Outputs and Results

The SMARTrenew project has set distinct and ambitious targets which will be met via the following outputs:

Output 1:

Showcase Smarter Energy Rural Communities.

Six rural communites will be set up with smart energy technologies and resources as showcases to demonstrate how a smart energy community could function.

Output 2:

Retrofit exisiting buildings with smart renewable technology

18 houses and public buildings will be retrofitted with smart renewable energy and storage solutions.

This demonstrates how smart renewable technologies may be integrated with existing buildings.

Output 3:

A smart energy storage solution

To demonstrate smarter ways to store renewable energy and how this can benefit rural communites.

Output 4:

A smart renewable energy mix solution

A smart solution to mix different types of renewable energies and provide practical energy solutions year round.

Output 5:

A smart energy action plan

An action plan to incorporate smart renewables to tackle energy poverty in rural communities.