Renewable gains as Covid-19 drives a shift in electricity demand across the EU

Data released by Wartsila Energy Lab and ENTSO identifies that European electricity generation in 2020 was heavily influenced by the shift in behaviors arising from Covid-19.

The pandemic lockdown measures have accelerated the energy transition over the past year, resulting in an unprecedented fall in carbon emissions from the power sector and a 10% decrease in electricity demand across the EU, the biggest documented fall since World War 2.

The lower demand combined with higher carbon prices, improved hydro availability and rising renewable generation has led to significant losses among conventional fossil-based power plants, resulting in lower carbon emissions. Coal based power generation decreased by 25.5% across the European Union and United Kingdom in the first quarter of 2020.

The big gains were for renewables, reaching a 43% generation share, influenced by record-high solar generation, increased hydro output and increased wind generation. 

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