Renewable energy overtakes fossil fuels in SMARTrenew partner country Finland

Source: Statistics Finland

Figures released by Statistics Finland, show that the production of renewable energy in the country has overtaken that of fossil fuels, reaching 40% of the total energy consumption in 2020, with oil usage dropping by 6% compared with 2019. Coal and peat however saw the biggest losses, with a drop in consumption of 25% and 22% respectively, in line with Finland's ban on coal production by 2029.

Warmer temperatures and the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic saw total energy consumption across the country fall from by 6% from 2019 and industrial usage fell by 7%. 

The most dominant energy source in Finland during 2020 was wood-based biofuels, accounting for 28% of total energy consumption.

Wind power and hydropower production increased by 30% during 2020, reflecting the Finnish Government's policy to boost wind power capacity across the country.

Source/Further Reading : Statistics Finland