Donegal County Council showcase major energy upgrades under project SMARTrenew

Under project SMARTrenew, local authority, Donegal County Council, have made a number of major energy upgrades to various public buildings in Co. Donegal, Northwest Ireland.

The pilot actions of the Council incorporate a smart renewable mix including:

  • 3no. 42.6 kW Air-to-Water Heat Pumps
  • 6 kW Solar PV Array
  • Pumped Insulation to 50mm Wall Cavity

These pilot actions will bring a range of benefits including:

  • Removal of the dependency on heating oil
  • Providing a smart renewable energy mix
  • Providing smart heating and electric control mix

The SMARTrenew pilots undertaken by Donegal County Council will see the first Public Services Centre and Library building in County Donegal to be retrofitted to a B2 Energy Rating incorporating various innovative renewable technologies and the overall estimated savings are projected to be 200,562 kWhrs per annum, primarily in thermal savings.

Check out the video from Facilities and Energy Performance Manager at Donegal County Council, Peadar Espey, who explores the full benefits of SMARTrenew pilots in Northwest Ireland.